Property Management Electricians

Without question, electrical services are the most important function in a building today. Operational aspects like heat and light, to the flow of people (moving them by escalator and elevator), must be as seamless as the technology powered by electricity which in turn powers all communications.

Top Line Electric’s Property Management Services are the backup you as a building owner or manager can rely on. These maintenance contracts can be custom tailored to your exact needs and budget.

Our team of Traverse City electricians make a point of getting to know your property, its footprint and it’s systems intimately. That way we can respond with immediate solutions (and parts) if and when a problem arises. Our electricians handle your emergency calls and provide you with monthly (or weekly if that’s the frequency of service you require) status reports to proactively address issues. We also maintain your power distribution and lighting installation right down to the exit signs.

Our full list of Property Management services includes:

  • Electric service contracts
  • General electrical
  • Lighting design & installation
  • Lighting maintenance
  • Service upgrades and additions
  • Security lighting
  • Exit signs & egress lights
  • Infrared panel scanning
  • Standby and UPS systems
  • Design-Build services